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Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies           ….. Mother Teresa


Mariam Clinic is now open for in-person appointments.

Please call 919-824-4672 to make an appointment.

Mariam Clinic Policy on Covid Vaccine Requirement

  1. At the time of check-in for an appointment, patients will be asked COVID Screening Questions to determine if they can be seen in person by a medical provider. If deemed necessary, Mariam Clinic can do an onsite COVID test to determine if a patient is COVID positive.

  2. Patients who have COVID-related symptoms or symptoms which could be attributed to COVID, will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours prior to the appointment date at Mariam Clinic. Please know that Mariam Clinic does not provide appointments for COVID testing only.

    Mariam Clinic provides free medical & dental care to those who qualify

    Mariam Clinic provides free health care to those who are struggling to make ends meet and cannot afford adequate medical care. Mariam Clinic provides services to adults (age 18+) who are at or below 200% of the poverty level who do not have any health insurance.

    Mariam clinic Services:

    • Medical Services

    • Mental Health Services

    • Dental Services

    • Eye Examinations

    We are unable to offer emergency services or walk-in appointments or prenatal care.

    Who We Are

    It is our belief at the Mariam Clinic that every human being has a right to live in dignity, and that access to affordable healthcare is an essential human need.

    Our clinic places great emphasis on educating and helping our patients accomplish the life-style modifications necessary for improved health.

    • Acute Care (for illness and injury)

    • ​Chronic Care Management (for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc​)

    • ​Women's Health Services

    • ​Referrals

    • ​Dental Care

    • ​Free Laboratory Services

    • ​Mental Health / Psychiatry

    • Eye examinations

    • ​Interpreters for Arabic, Hindi. Urdu and Bengali

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