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Mariam Clinic is funded through the generous donations of our community, supporters and sponsors, through cash donations and grants.​ Your sponsorship and donations are the lifeblood for the Clinic and your grants help us launch on projects that would otherwise be prohibitive.
Your donations help us sustain these expenses. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Our Tax ID# is 20-3011248. All donations are tax-deductible and we provide receipts for all donations.

Islamic Relief, USA

Mariam Clinic provides health care services to residents of Wake County who are uninsured and are at or below 250% of the poverty line. Demand for these services is high. However,  resources required to meet these demands are  limited. In 2018 Islamic Relief USA awarded Mariam Clinic a grant to launch on a project to double the capacity of the clinic by adding additional resources.  Mariam Clinic succeeded in this endeavor.

The COVID-19 pandemic put an additional burden on all clinics including Mariam Clinic requiring additional expenditures for protective gear. Islamic Relief supported Mariam Clinic through this duration with funding needed for PPE for both the clinic staff as well as the patients.  Mariam Clinic staff and its patients  are thankful for their support.

Islamic Relief has continued to support Mariam Clinic and we are hopeful that this relationship will result in a long term partnership between IRUSA and Mariam Clinic.

Our Sponsors
Our  Supporters
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