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mariam clinic - who we are

mariam clinic - who we are

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Mariam Clinic provides free health care to those who are struggling to make ends meet and cannot afford adequate medical care

  -  Mariam Clinic


Mariam Clinic's vision of service stems from the spirit of traditional Islamic principles of service, compassion, dignity, peace, mutual understanding, and social justice


We seek to inspire a movement in which we welcome all members of our community to come together, through a shared belief in community service and individual responsibility, to build a healthier society.

Mission Statement

Mariam Clinic's mission is to promote an integrated approach to health and well-being of uninsured individuals regardless of race, gender, or religion and to build a better society through:


  1. Service: offering free health, mental and dental care to those who cannot afford it.

  2. Environment: approaching each patient's health in a holistic and humanistic manner, striving to provide a friendly and welcoming environment.

  3. Education: partnering with our patients and empowering them to become stewards of their health.

  4. Interaction: our diverse group of volunteers find common ground through a shared belief in community responsibility.

Scope of Services

  • Clinic services charter includes medical and dental care for acute and chronic medical conditions for people who are unable to afford it and meet the eligibility requirements of the clinic. 

  • Mariam Clinic will be open Sundays so that most working patients would not require to take time off from work.

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