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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If Mariam Clinic is run by volunteers then why does Mariam Clinic need money?

Answer: There are services offered by Mariam Clinic which require money. For example, Mariam Clinic has to pay rent for the facilities where the clinic is run; pay for computers and stationary; paid personnel who schedule patient appointments, physicians schedule and other clinic-related administration; contribute towards organizations offering lab services, specialized medical care, and dental services.

  • What are Mariam Clinic expenses to run the clinic for one year?

Answer: $130,000 to $180,000

  • What is Mariam Clinic budget for one year?

Answer:  $170,000

  • Can I give Zakat to Mariam Clinic?

Answer: Yes.

  • Do you have a separate account for Zakat?

Answer: The Mariam Clinic Treasurer maintains an electronic file of all Zakat donations received and expended.  The Zakat Balance at any point in time is known. Additionally, every quarter, a thorough review of Zakat expenses is performed to ensure that Zakat funds are being apportioned correctly.

  • Do Mariam Clinic Board members contribute/donate money to Mariam Clinic?

Answer: Yes all Mariam Board members are required to make a monetary donation to Mariam Clinic every year. The amount of donation is left to each Board member to decide.

  • Why Mariam Clinic is open only on Sunday and does not offer clinic on other days?

Answer: Due to limited resources, including the rental space currently available Mariam Clinic can offer clinic only on Sundays.

  • Why did Mariam Clinic move to this new location?

Answer: Dr. Baloch had closed his practice and sold the building.

  • What is the procedure for a patient to be seen at Mariam Clinic?  Can a patient requiring immediate care be seen the same day without an appointment?

Answer: Generally, Mariam Clinic schedules physician consultation through appointments. Upon getting a phone call from a patient, the Clinic Director gathers basic and required information to establish patient eligibility to be seen at Mariam Clinic and then schedules an appointment. On limited occasions, a walk-in patient can be seen.

  • Can you explain to me what services you offer to patients?

Answer: Medical Services that include Doctor/Physician visits and consultation; management of chronic illnesses; scheduling of lab work; referral to UNC/Rex facilities for specialized medical care; Mental Health Services; Dental Services referrals, and Eye Examinations.

  • Do you pay to any physicians who see patients at Mariam Clinic?

Answer: No. All physicians at Mariam Clinic are volunteers.

  • Can you give me the number of paid personnel at Mariam Clinic?

Answer: Mariam Clinic has four paid personnel. This includes two Nurse Practitioners who also see patients along with Physicians to conduct double clinic and on occasions when no volunteer physician is available they provide cover. There is a Clinic Director and one Assistant Director who manage and conduct administrative steps for clinic operations.

  • Can you give me the total number of volunteers at Mariam Clinic?

Answer: Approximately 60-90 active volunteers.

  • What is the need to have paid personnel when you have so many volunteers?

Answer: Mariam Clinic is primarily served by volunteers. The only full-time position is the Clinic Director/RN who is available to patients during the week and coordinates care for patients being treated by specialists.  Assists patients with charity applications, medication refills, lab orders, on-boarding new patients and new providers, scheduling all patient appointments, running specialty clinics such as Retinal Screenings and Flu clinic for patients. Further, reporting health outcomes to NC Association of Free and Charitable Clinic, and maintaining FTCA coverage for providers. Clinical Director also supports the assistant director and assists in the training of new volunteers. Assistant director is apart-time paid position and coordinates the providers and volunteers schedule, onboard new volunteers and provide training.

  • I have seen a banner for Mariam Clinic which has a logo for Islamic Relief.  Is Mariam Clinic part of Islamic Relief USA?

Answer: Mariam Clinic is not part of Islamic Relief. Mariam Clinic receives a grant from Islamic Relief which helps partly towards Mariam Clinic operations expenses.

  • With Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care) offering option for everyone to get health insurance why there is a need for Mariam Clinic?

Answer: With Affordable Care Act, there are still patients who cannot afford and therefore do not have any health-insurance coverage and are served by Mariam Clinic.

  • I liked Mariam Clinic Gala so why it did not happen last year? Do you have plans to have a gala this year?

Answer: There is a minimum threshold in attendance required to make the gala feasible. After six years of attendance we found that interest level in the gala had decreased and that we could not make this minimum threshold as was reflected in our ticket sales. So, moving forward, Mariam Clinic will hold fundraising events in the community which will replace the gala.

  • Is Mariam Clinic a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization?

Answer: Yes.

  • What is your long-term vision for Mariam Clinic?

Answer: We would like to see Mariam Clinic have its own facility and offer health-care to deserving patients during the entire week and not on just Sundays.

  • Are you planning on expanding Mariam Clinic and offer services during weekdays or at least on Saturdays in addition to Sundays only?

Answer: This is part of our future plans.

  • During the coronavirus crisis was Mariam Clinic open and how did you seeing patients?

Answer: Mariam Clinic moved to telemedicine during the pandemic. Starting  July 2021, Mariam Clinic reopened the clinic. Mariam Clinic will keep monitoring the Covid-19 situation and will act in the best interest of the patients, providers, and volunteers.


Additional questions can be submitted by sending email to Mariam Clinic at

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