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OUR TEAM - Staff & Volunteers

Most of the work at the Mariam Clinic is accomplished by volunteers.

These generous volunteers are the heart and soul of our clinic. They have diverse backgrounds representing various religions, cultures and ethnicity. Many of these volunteers are multilingual, which allows us to effectively communicate with our equally diverse patient population in a more welcoming manner.

To learn more about joining our team please click on the button below.

Elaine Oakley - Clinic Director

Elaine was born and raised in Canada where she earned her BA in Psychology and Gerontology. For several years she was a level I Trauma Nurse in the ER  followed by case management for home infusion therapy.  She believes that one's financial situation should not be a barrier to healthcare. It is an honor to serve the clients of Mariam Clinic and she is proud of the quality of medicine they receive. The volunteers are the most dedicated staff she has ever worked with and it's a privilege to serve along side them. She currently serves on the Clinical Commitee, QA and Compliance, and Policies & Procedures.

Saleh_Iman MC.png
Iman Saleh - Clinic Administrator

Iman currently works as Clinic Administrator at Mariam Clinic.  Previously she has been a volunteer at Mariam clinic for more than 7 years helping the Clinic Director with patient intake and in scheduling lab services.  She is committed to and enthusiastic towards improving patient services for the underprivileged resulting in positive health outcomes for Mariam Clinic patients.  Iman holds a master's degree in public health (MPH) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill).

Kristy Henry.png
Kristy Henry - Clinic Administrator

Kristy Henry is the Assistant Director with Mariam Clinic. She was born and raised in Potterville Michigan and has lived in North Carolina for five years. She has worked in several family practices and urgent care as a Medical Assistant and Patient Care Representative.  Kristy believes in advocating for patients and making sure they receive the best care available. She is looking forward to working with a great staff to help patients meet their healthcare goals. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and kayaking with her family.

MR pic.jpg
Margaret - Social Worker

Margaret Ring came aboard the clinic in 2021 to help our clients find and access services for additional needs they may have.  Margaret has an extensive background in social work providing services in the fields of mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse and early childhood education.  Originally from Illinois, Margaret holds master’s degrees from the University of Illinois in both Social Work and Human Development & Family Studies. 


  • Abed Aljimal

  • Abubakr Ziaullah

  • Ahmed Mashal

  • Akshita Paruchuri

  • Anna Sharma

  • Asha Anand

  • Bailey Hold

  • Catalina Ospina

  • Dana Alqudwah

  • Deema Chakhachiro

  • Gaby Manjarrez

  • Iman Saleh

  • Isley Correia

  • Kate Lester

  • Kayla Jones

  • Kim Guest

  • Leigh Grossfeld

  • Linran Zhou

  • Mariam Jamal

  • Maryam Moghul

  • Nazeeha Aman

  • Olivia Latham

  • Rayan Kaakati

  • Reem Alhashemi

  • Rifqa Alghareeb

  • Safiya Alvi

  • Shayan Sarmadi

  • Sheila Cabalu

  • Sina Kazemzadeh

  • Sudhakar Nuti

  • Sydney Browder

  • Syeda Wasti

  • Zaineb Syed

  • Zaineb Viqas

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