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Mariam Clinic is funded through the generous donations of our sponsors, the community, and through grants.

Your sponsorship and donations are the lifeblood for the Clinic. Our services are 100% free for our eligible patients, but we do incur overhead expenses. Your donations help us sustain these expenses.

If you wish to donate by check:


  • Please make check payable to "Mariam Clinic" and mail the check to the address below.

  • Please include your contact information (name, address, email address, and your phone number)

Mariam Clinic

4441-106 Six Forks Road #388

Raleigh, NC 27609

MC Logo Hi Res (3x3 res72)png.png

Manage your Donations

Create an account to manage your donations

Tax Receipt

You will receive an email after you make a donation. Please save it for your tax records.

You will also receive a tax receipt from Mariam Clinic in January for your full years donations.

If you do not receive a receipt, or need a duplicate

please email us at

We will make an arrangement to provide you a receipt.

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