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Dental Services

  • ​Comprehensive exams   

  • X-Rays

  • Fillings

  • Extractions

Mariam Clinic Patients:  Dental Services to Mariam Clinic Patients are provided through Wake Smiles

  • Please call Mariam Clinic at 919-824-4672 for referral and appointment

Non-Mariam Clinic Patients:

  • Dental Service is also provided to non-Mariam Clinic patients who have medical insurance but not dental insurance and who meet Mariam Clinic income eligibility criteria

  • Please complete the "Dental Intake Form for non-Mariam Clinic Patients" and mail it along with the required documents to:

Mariam Clinic Dental Program

4441-106 Six Forks Road #388

Raleigh, NC 27609

Current Mariam Clinic Patients - Scheduling Appointments

  • Dental Services are provided to Mariam Clinic patients through Wake Smiles. To initiate a dental referral please call Mariam clinic at 919-824-4672. When leaving a message clearly and slowly spell your first and last name with a phone number where you can be reached.  Your call will be returned promptly.

  • If you are told to return to the dental clinic for follow up work please contact Wake Smiles at 919-834-6733 ext 138.

  • If you don't show up for your confirmed appointment you may lose all your Mariam Clinic privileges for 6 months.

NOTE:   No reminders are provided for dental appointments.

Wake Smiles Dental Clinic Location


Salvation Army Center of Hope

Building 1863 Capital Blvd, Raleigh


Cash Administrative Fee at time of service payable to Wake Smiles: $40

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